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June 18, 2024
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About Local 528
Jul 30, 2007

Sep 05, 2007



To continually strive for compensation that is fair and equitable

To assure the individual dignity of each worker

To provide an atmosphere of free expression within the union and out

To guarantee "fair play" to all

To spare no effort to provide safe working conditions

To help make your job the best place in the world to work

Local 528 supports the following Code of Conduct, as outlined 
by our International:


Sep 07, 2007

Winter 2016.....Work has increased for the Cement Masons.  We have re-opened our tester program.

Experienced Cement Masons and  Plasterers wishing to join Local 528 can enter through our testing program.  You must apply in person at our office in Seattle, Washington.  You must be legally able to work in the U.S.  Valid picture identification and valid social security card are necessary at the time of application.

The "test" is performing the work required by a contractor who has requested help for the day.

Testers are dispatched as work is available and are allowed to work for a specific contractor for no more than two days.  (Contractors also require photo i.d. and social security card to hire.) The foreman/superintendent on the job will submit an evaluation to the union, indicating the testers skill level.  Testers are sent out to a minimum of three contractors in an effort to fairly judge the ability of the individual.

Cement Masons must test at a minimum level of 80% to enter the union directly.  Those who do not test out at the minimum level should contact the Apprenticeship office at (206) 762-9286 for information on their next "Survival Day" testing and selection procedure.

Plasterers must test at a minimum of Journey-level to enter the union immediately.  Those who do not test out at Journey-level can contact the Apprenticeship office at (206) 762-9286 for information on how to join.

Those lacking the necessary skills to enter through the testing program, please go to the Training section on our website for more information.


Thank you for your interest!

Jun 28, 2007

Joseph Hannan, President
Ed Case, Vice President 
Royal Robinson, Treasurer
Marilyn Kennedy, Recording Secretary
John Harrington, Sergeant-At-Arms

Executive Board
Eric Coffelt (Business Manager)
Brett Dunnington, Jr.
Brett Dunnington, Sr.
Mike Niederle
Randy Nickell
Raymond Dumas
Chris Hartshorne

Eric Coffelt, Health & Welfare/Pension  (Chairman)
John Kearns,  Health & Welfare/Pension
Joe Hannan, Health & Welfare/Pension
Frank Benish, Health & Welfare/Pension
Royal Robinson, Health & Welfare/Pension
Jim Geren (Local 72), Apprenticeship
Mark Maher,  Union Financial Trustee
Joe Harrington, Union Financial Trustee

Eric Coffelt, Business Manager/Financial Secretary
Jeff Ableman, Dispatcher/Cement Mason Business Agent
Jose Belica, Cement Mason Business Agent (South End)
Justin Palachuk, Cement Mason Business Agent (North End)
Tommy Parsons, Cement Mason Business Agent (Seattle)
Joey Neff, Cement Mason Business Agent (Seattle)
Marilyn Kennedy, Cement Mason Business Agent (Eastside)
Steve Peloquin, Plasterer Business Agent

Joe Hannan, Cement Masons & Plasterers Apprenticeship Coordinator
Randy Nickell, Cement Masons Education Director
Rosie Bernard, Plasterers Education Director

Jun 28, 2007

Cement Masons - Effective June 1, 2017
  *Refer to Master Labor Agreement for General Foreman/Foreman and Premium Pay

Journeyperson:     $40.67/hour
Apprentice, 60%:    $24.40/hour
Apprentice, 65%:    $26.44/hour
Apprentice, 70%:    $28.47/hour
Apprentice, 80%:    $32.54/hour
Apprentice, 90%:    $36.60/hour
Apprentice, 95%:    $38.64/hour

Benefits (paid on members' behalf by contractor)
Health & Welfare      $7.64/hour
Pension                   $8.20/hour
Apprentice Trust       $  .70/hour 

Deductions from NET PAY
Vacation Fund            $2.00/hour
Union Programs         $0.65/hour
Intrnational Training   $0.07/hour
Building Fund             $0.05/hour
Working Dues             $1.72/hour


Plasterers - Effective June 1, 2017
  *Refer to Labor Agreement for Foreman Pay and Premium Pay

Journeyperson:      $38.10/hour
Step 1  -     60% Apprentice    $23.56/hour
Step 2  -     65% Apprentice    $25.38/hour
Step 3  -     70% Apprentice    $27.20/hour
Step 4  -     75% Apprentice    $29.10/hour
Step 5  -     80% Apprentice    $30.83/hour
Step 6  -     85% Apprentice    $32.65/hour
Step 7  -     90% Apprentice    $34.47/hour
Step 8 -      95% Apprentice    $36.28/hour

Benefits (paid on members' behalf by contractor)
Health & Welfare      $7.64/hour
Pension                   $7.90/hour (starts at Step 2)
Apprentice Trust       $0.80/hour 
Industry Fund          $0.45/hour

Deductions from NET PAY
Vacation Fund            $1.75/hour
Union Programs          $1.00/hour (starts at Step 5)
International Training  $0.07/hour
Building Fund             $0.05/hour
Working Dues             $1.63/hour
Rebound                    $0.05/hour

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