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February 22, 2024
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On Fire! Waymo off The Streets Of San Francisco & California-Safety & Worker Rights First
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24 Hour Foreman Class
Updated On: Dec 22, 2016
We would like to congratulate our members who graduated from the 24 Hour Foreman Class on December 18. Classes like this are going to help our Local grow stronger coming out of this Great Recession. We all know how important a foreman is in running a successful job. By successful, we mean a job that makes money for the contractor, provides a safe environment, and promotes quality and job satisfaction. These exceptional foremen are the people whose reputations help us sign contracts, and who reduce problems because of their knowledge.

 People like those described above helped us produce our curriculum, and they have all acknowledged that they learned some things in the process.

We hope everyone will take the time to attend this class and others that are coming up. We all could use a little more knowledge in order to become a more valuable commodity in the market place.

And we can grow a stronger union with better job sites if we all improve our skills.

Thank you to our superior instructors Al Blouin and Joe Hannan.

And congratulations to our 24 Hour Foreman graduates: Phil Bottoms, Derrick Burgess, Carlos Chavarin, Louis Contreras, Rick Elli, Alexander Garcia, Frederic Hansen, James Johnston, Andrew Jones, Brian Lyon, Mike Pachano, Tommy Parsons, Arnold Prewitt, Joe Ray, Mike Raymond, Warren Storrs, Dave Struck.


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