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July 21, 2024
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Unemployment and Dispatch
Updated On: Nov 29, 2012

Filing for Unemployment Benefits? We have provided a link for more


Cement Masons and Plasterers Local #528 is recognized by the State of Washington Employment Securities Department as a full referral union. Membership in this union generally meets the work search requirement for the payment of unemployment benefits. Verification from the union that a member is eligible for dispatch under union rules is required. Failure to be available (not answering your phone) for work or refusal of a dispatch raises questions of eligibility for unemployment benefits. BEGINNING JANUARY 4, 2004 WORK SEARCH REQUIREMENTS CHANGED. YOU MUST be ready, able and willing immediately to accept any suitable work offered; be in good standing with the union; do whatever the union requires to be referred to work; and report if you refused to accept a dispatch or were not available (did not answer your phone) for dispatch.

PLASTERERS and CEMENT MASONS MUST follow all rules as listed above Further, if you do not answer the phone on two successive occasions when you are called for dispatch, your name will be removed from the out-of-work list.

Taken from the Cement Masons’ Master Labor Agreement, Appendix A
The recruitment of employees shall be the responsibility of the Union, and it shall maintain an office...for the convenience of the employers and for job applicants. It shall maintain all records necessary to carrying out this hiring procedure. The union shall furnish qualified Cement Masons in all phases of work coming under the jurisdiction of the Union.

SECTION 4 .....The Union shall maintain a list of applicants in the union office or designated dispatch point, who are out of work and available for employment. Registration and referral of applicants shall be on a non-discriminatory basis without regard to race, color, sex, creed, age...

SECTION 5 The union shall make up and prepare the grouping all applicants.
A separate list will be maintained for apprentice Cement Masons...All applicants shall register during normal working hours. No registration will be deemed current unless the applicant has registered within the last nine (9) days. The union will keep a current dated list of unemployed workmen and will remove the names of workmen who become employed and add to the bottom of the list the names of workmen who report to the union that they are unemployed.

SECTION 6 Applicants shall be successive order as their names appear on the out-of-work list...

SECTION 7 The referral procedure as contained herein shall be followed except:
  a. When the individual employer has placed an order for men requiring special skills or of special classification, applicants possessing the qualifications of the job will be referred in the order in which their names appear...
  b. The employer may call by name any of the local area workmen who have within the last two (2) years been employed by him. The union office will honor such request without regard to the requested man’s place of the out-of-work list, provided such workmen are not employed elsewhere.
  c. Requests by employers for any cement masons to act as supervisor or foreman shall be honored without regard to the requested cement mason’s place on the out-of-work list.
  e. Any cement masons registered on the out-of-work list and who refuses to accept a dispatch to any employer shall be denied the right of immediate dispatch and his name shall be placed at the bottom of the registration list.


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